Развлечения на ЛансаротеРазвлечения на Лансароте

Прогуляйтесь вдоль уединенного пляжа, лежащего среди живописных холмов Лос-Ахачес и подчеркнутого дорожкой вдоль побережья.

Спа и фитнесСпа и фитнес

Обретите потерянный рай в умиротворяющем Spa нашего курорта на Лансароте благодаря расслабляющему массажу, уходу за лицом, лечебным процедурам и даже винотерапии.

Отдых на Лансароте с детьмиОтдых на Лансароте с детьми

Дети отлично отдохнут на нашем курорте Sandos Papagayo Beach Resort на Лансароте благодаря играм, развлечениям, поделкам, занятиям спортом и многому другому во время незабываемого отпуска со всей семьей.

ТурыОткройте для себя Испанию!

We offer a diversed selection of entrance tickets to all major events and leisure attractions of the region. It is the easternmost island of the Canary Islands, it is identified by the great amount of volcanoes that cover it due to the great volcanic activity of the early XVIII century. Declared in 1993 as a Biosphere Reserve by the United Nations Education Culture and Science Organization (UNESCO). Lanzarote offers a landscape to enjoy all year round, sunny days, delicious beaches, beautiful and exotic volcanic valleys. To arrive on Lanzarote, means to have chosen a privileged destination. The excellente weather conditions of Lanzarote throughout the year together with its unique landscape will allow anyone seeking anything other than sun and beache to enjoy a variety of outdoor activities. You can practice, diving, hiking, trekking, surfing, windsurfing, kite surfing, parasailing, golf, etc...you can also visit leisure, artand culture centres. As you can see, a wide selection to satisfay adults and children in the search of the best holiday experience. Golf in Lanzarote The island´s weather will let you enjoy golfing 365 days a year. Discover the magnificent golf courses of Lanzarote and the nearby island of Fuerteventura. Trekking in Lanzarote Lanzarote has a lot of natural resources that make it an ideal destination for hikers. Discover the real essence of the island by walking around dormant craters, ravines, protected areas, natural parks and coastal or inland paths. Water Sports Centres Undoubtedly Lanzarote is a privileged destination for divers from all around the world. The seabeds of the Canaries, and especially of Lanzarote, attract large numbers of visitors every year. Gastronomy Lanzarote is an island full of surprises with its gastronomy and the visitor will undoubtedly take back home a very satisfactory feeling. Its dishes are notable for their simplicity, because they are dominated by raw materials in their making, but the result is very tasty. Its most popular dish: Wrinkled potatoes. Served with the "Mojos" is a "must" dish in your visit to Lanzarote. Clasics in Lanzarote: Jameos del Agua Los Jameos del Agua,are located inside the volcanic tunnel created by the eruption of La Corona Vulcano. It originates by filtration through the rock which lies below sea-level. Timanfaya Natural Park Timanfaya was declared as a National Park on the 9th of August 1974. It occupies an extension of 51,07 km2 at the island south-east; the whole Park is of volcanic origin. The last eruptions took place between 1730 and 1736, in the XVIII century. Amongst the most important volcanoes, Montañas de Fuego, Caldera del Corazoncillo y Montaña Rajada are to be mentioned. The volcanic activity still exists, with heat points at the surface which reach 100 ºC -120 ºC and 600 ºC at 13 metres deep. "Mere words are not enough to describe the magic mistery of Lanzarote, even after having been on the Island, you will doubt if the Island is real, an hallucionation or a mirage".


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